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Teepa SnowTeepa Snow Logo

“Alzheimer’s Music Connect has done an amazing thing. Anything that helps to make the person with this disease calmer, to be more mentally active is exactly what you want. Music is to fill the day with joy and to give you a chance to connect.”

— Teepa Snow, MS, OT

Lorianne Avino

“The EEG response to Alzheimer’s Music Connect’s Altus Oscillation enhanced music included increased frontal lobe activity, greater alertness to the present moment, calmness and increased symmetrical brain activity.”

— Dr. Lorianne Avino, Neurologist

Lori La BeyAlzheimer's Speaks Logo

“Music is magic. By tapping into this simple ‘tool,’ which most of us take for granted daily, we can shift minds, hearts and souls. Start creating remarkable moments today with your loved one or client.”

— Lori La Bey, Internet Radio Host

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