Advice on Listening to Music For Alzheimer's Patients

WARNING: Due to relaxation and possible drowsiness DO NOT operate a motor vehicle or machinery when listening to our products.

Music Listening Routine:

1. The most significant benefits of our program for the Patient and Caregiver are to be gained through the development of a routine of consistent listening. It is important for the Caregiver to play the CDs at the same time(s) daily for the Patient. Ideally, the Patient should experience at least one full CD of music listening per day over the course of four weeks.

2. After starting the music, the Caregiver should observe the Patient’s reaction to the music for at least a few minutes after the music starts and intermittently while it is playing. This is to confirm that the Patient is comfortable and is enjoying the CD that is being played. Should the Patient express dislike or become agitated by a particular CD or music style remove it from your rotation.

3. Please feel free to play any or all of the CDs as much as you or the Patient want, in any order that seems appropriate.

Optimum Listening Conditions:

1. At home in a quiet, comfortable and familiar setting

2. Limit distractions (TV, radio, people coming in or out, housework noises / vacuum, etc.)

3. Moderate playback volume

4. Speakers (or headphones or earbuds if they are comfortable for the Patient)

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