Music Enhancement: Why Our Music Is Different

Working in conjunction with Medical and Caregiving professionals, Alzheimer’s Music Connect has developed a patent pending technology called Altus Oscillation. Using this advanced audio recording technology, we combine calming Alpha waves, already present in the brain, with the ancient mantra OM sound and harmoniously unite them with well-known, recognizable music resulting in a significantly more therapeutic effect than music alone.

At various stages of Alzheimer’s, individuals frequently lose the ability to communicate verbally and are unable to initiate purposeful movement. Deprivation of stimulation leads to a further decline in behavior. Over time, there is considerable risk that a patient in the later stages of Alzheimer’s will receive little stimulation or worse the wrong types of stimulation (specifically television). Stimulation that taps into remote memories, which are better preserved than recent memories, and have personal meaning for the individual are best.

Utilizing research techniques similar to those used by current music radio stations, Alzheimer’s Music Connect determines the most familiar and popular songs for our target age group. By using this research technique, Alzheimer’s Music Connect insures that we are tapping into the patient’s musical memories (which are formed between ages 8-to-20 years old). Simply put, our technology combined with appropriate music is capable of stimulating the Care Recipient’s most well preserved memories. The result is a calmer, more receptive Care Recipient capable of more rapidly making connections and completing thoughts.

As Altus Oscillation’s inventors, we recognize the Care Recipients need for sensory and environmental stimulation and the need to redefine “quality of life” for individuals suffering with Alzheimer’s disease. Through the use of a structured program, utilizing the Altus Oscillation technology, Alzheimer’s Music Connect products have been shown to improve quality of life and provide a focus of attention for the Care Recipient.

Altus Oscillation™—enhanced music will have the same effect on non-Alzheimer’s/Dementia listeners.

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