My name is Ron Gregory. As the founder of Alzheimer’s Music Connect, I’ve have experienced Alzheimer’s disease upfront and personally. You see, my mother was diagnosed and subsequently passed because of having it. Without question, Alzheimer’s is a devastating disease. It pulled our lives and family apart. It robbed my mother of the precious memories that should have comforted her through her golden years.

After taking Mom through all sorts of pharmaceutical treatments, my family and I began to realize there was no drug that could slow the progress of the disease or help her. With an extensive career in the music industry, I logically turned there to find a holistic solution.

Assembling a team that includes a neurologist, psychologist, occupational and behavioral therapist, a PhD in Music Theory and Performance as well as seasoned record executives, we developed an advanced audio recording technology. This patent pending enhancement combines Alpha waves—already present in the brain—with the ancient mantra OM sound and harmoniously unites them with well-known, recognizable music resulting in a significantly more therapeutic effect than music alone.

Everyone has experienced the wave of nostalgia that floods the mind when hearing a song from teenage years. These deep-seated “music memories” are tied to emotions and brain development, Alzheimer’s Music Connect is tapping into the science behind this phenomenon to help Alzheimer’s patients. Our breakthrough technology to enhance music is not only inexpensive; it’s scientifically proven.

Neurologist, Dr. Lorianne Avino discovered “the EEG response to Alzheimer’s Music Connect’s enhanced music included increased frontal lobe activity, greater alertness to the present moment, calmness and increased symmetrical brain activity.”

Occupational and Behavioral Therapist, Teepa Snow says, “Alzheimer’s Music Connect has done an amazing thing. Anything that helps to make the person with this disease calmer, to be more mentally active is exactly what you want. Music fills the day with joy and gives you a chance to connect.”

Utilizing research techniques similar to those used by current music radio stations, Alzheimer’s Music Connect determines the most familiar and popular songs for our target age group. Simply put, our technology combined with appropriate music is capable of stimulating the Care Recipient’s most well preserved memories. The result is a calmer, more receptive Care Recipient capable of more rapidly making connections and completing thoughts.

If you have a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, you know there is nothing you would not do to calm, relax and bring them into the moment. The bottom line is there is an easy, completely holistic method to accomplish the goal of limiting excessive drug usage. It is music. Not just any music, but a product specifically designed to influence your Care Recipient’s mind in a positive way.

In future articles, I will explain in detail how and why our technologically enhanced music impacts the brains of individuals suffering with Alzheimer’s. In the meantime, you can receive a free Caregiver Toolkit, which included helpful tips for caregiving and avoiding Caregiver “burnout.” Visit our website at and sign up to receive this free offer.

Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash

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