In Home Usage Results

Alzheimer’s Music Connect conducted a one hundred (100) day long In-Home Usage Study to examine the impact of the company’s enhanced Music CDs on the mood and behavior of mid and late stage Alzheimer’s Patients, and the resulting impact on their primary Caregivers.

We recruited Alzheimer’s Caregivers nationwide to participate in the study. To be included, each Caregiver must have had primary care responsibilities for a mid or late stage Alzheimer’s Patient. To qualify, the care must have had occurred in the home and each Patient had to have been diagnosed with the disease.

During the initial phase of the study, each Caregiver was required to play each of four different music CDs at least twice in a 10-day period, for a total of at least eight hours of music exposure. During each of the subsequent 30-day phases, there was no set minimum or maximum time the Caregivers were required to play the music for their Patients.

The results of the In-Home Usage Study are below:

  • The amount of time a typical Caregiver spends with their Patient is 7 hours a day, 30 hours per week.
  • 86% of Caregivers acknowledged that their Patients were in need of a moderate amount of care to a lot of care. Only a few suggested they had Patients who are easy to care for.
  • 82% of Caregivers indicated that Alzheimer’s Music Connect enhanced CDs had a positive impact on the behavior of their Patients.
  • 46% of Caregivers witnessed significant and very positive improvement in their Patient’s behavior.
  • The Patient’s positive reaction lasted an average of 2 hours and 57 minutes.
  • 100% of the Caregivers were able to take a personal break during the playing of the music and the resulting 3 hours of the Patient’s positive reaction.
  • The estimated average of the Caregiver’s personal break time was 1 hour, 43 minutes.
  • 100% of all the Caregivers indicated that they would be willing to recommend the Alzheimer’s Music Connect enhanced CDs to other Caregivers, medical professionals or support groups.

This findings of this study indicate that Alzheimer’s Music Connect enhanced CDs have a positive impact on Alzheimer’s Patients’ mood and behavior. Over the initial period the impact was rated positively, but this positive impact grew in subsequent weeks. This was measured in the percentage of Caregivers who saw a positive impact, the percentage who noted the increasing impact, as well as the increased ability of Caregivers to take a personal break. Alzheimer’s Music Connect’s products improve the Patients’ mood and behavior quickly and over a fairly long period of time.



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