Music is widely known to help comfort and stimulate Alzheimer’s patients. But successful music therapy takes more than just flipping on the radio. With new technology created by musical and medical professionals through Alzheimer’s Music Connect, there’s an even better way to care for our loved ones with Alzheimer’s through music.

Stimulation is Key

As Alzheimer’s disease progresses, communication and language skills deteriorate. In fact, Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scans of Alzheimer’s brains compared normal brains show massive deterioration in the formal speech and language center of the brain. When we lose the ability to communication, the right kind of stimulation becomes even more critical. Turn off the TV, and turn on technologically enhanced music.

Meet Your Brain Waves

Alpha waves are oscillations in your brain. They are connected with a relaxed but alert mental state, those perfect moments when your eyes are closed and your mind is calm. Think yoga, meditation, or even that perfect Sunday morning before you start planning your week. As we age, we begin to lose these important brain waves. Alzheimer’s patients are particularly at risk for deficient Alpha waves.

Technologically Enhanced Music

Working hand in hand with medical professionals, Alzheimer’s Music Connect created a process to enhance Alpha waves in the brain and increase the power of music therapy through technology. Advanced audio recording technology called Altus Oscillation applies these calming Alpha waves to carefully selected songs based on generation-specific familiarity and popularity. Now we are able to better tap into musical memories and create a significantly more therapeutic effect than music alone.

The Results Are In

We tested the music with EEG recordings, considered to be the gold standard for measuring electrical impulses in the brain. After comparing both enhanced and unenhanced music, we discovered increased positive effects, including:

Amplified brain activity

  • Greater alertness to the present moment
  • Calmness and contentment
  • Singing or humming along with the music
  • Increased symmetrical brain activity

Through the use of a structured program, using the Altus Oscillation technology, Alzheimer’s Music Connect products been shown to improve quality of life and provide a focus of attention for the care recipient.

Find Out More

Find out more about how you can help a loved one with Alzheimer’s using CD’s, mp3’s, and DVD’s featuring the patented Altus Oscillation technology.


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