Altus Oscillation Enhanced Music. This technology is included in all of our music products. Electroencephalography (EEG) testing, which measures electrical impulses occurring in the brain, of this patent pending process conducted with Alzheimer’s and Dementia sufferers, included some or all of the following results:

  • Amplified brain activity in the frontal or parietal lobe;
  • Greater alertness to the present moment;
  • Demonstrated calmness and contentment;
  • Became animated by singing or humming along with the music; and
  • Showed increased brain activity.

Altus Oscillation™—enhanced music will have the same effect on non-Alzheimer’s/Dementia listeners.

Reflections: Spiritual and Patriotic Readings With Music


Example Tracks Included:

  • My Country, ‘Tis of Thee
  • Amazing Grace
  • Paul Revere’s Ride

For the first time ever, the most well known American spiritual and patriotic songs, poetry and speeches are melded together in one unique collection. Dr. Charles Stier reads this specially selected material. His stirring renditions bring to life the spirit and sense of patriotism that lies deep in all of our hearts and memories. Each recitation features our patented Altus Oscillation enhancement technology and is accompanied with either calming music or the sounds of nature. While appropriate for all individuals with Alzheimer’s or dementia, these readings are especially suitable for later stage patients. Because later stage patients process their thoughts more slowly, these unhurried readings permit the Alzheimer’s or dementia impacted listener the time to hear, comprehend and enjoy each selection. Alzheimer’s Music Connect is proud to bring together this uplifting collection for every Care Recipient. Here is what is included in the package: [1] The Pledge of Allegiance (Francis Bellamy) 0:28 [2] The Star Spangled Banner (Francis Scott Key) 3:33 [3] Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! (Patrick Henry) 3:33 [4] The Declaration of Independence (Thomas Jefferson) 4:05 [5] Paul Revere’s Ride (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow) 8:40 [6] A Proclamation (November 1789) (George Washington) 2:10 [7] America the Beautiful (Katherine Lee Bates) 2:28 [8] Amazing Grace (John Newton) 2:14 [9] O Danny Boy (Frederick Weatherly) 2:31 [10] The Battle Hymn of the Republic (Julia Ward Howe) 4:02 [11] Tramp! Tramp! Tramp! (The Prisoner’s Hope) (George F. Root) 3:09 [12] The Gettysburg Address (Abraham Lincoln) 3:14 [13] Dear Sister father Mother and friends (John Ross Waller) 2:04 [14] When Johnny Comes Marching Home (Patrick Gilmore) 1:32 [15] Letter to Sarah (Major Sullivan Ballou) 10:37 [16] Two Letters (Abraham Lincoln) 4:38 [17] O Captain My Captain (Walt Whitman) 2:40 [18] The Road Not Taken (Robert Frost) 1:44 [19] My Country, ‘Tis of Thee (Samuel Francis Smith) 1:35 [20] Anthem (Leonard Cohen) 2:52 [21] A Letter Home (Sergeant David Ker) 2:27 [22] Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You (John F. Kennedy) 4:40 [23] Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening (Robert Frost) 1:26

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