“I had a dear friend send me this amazing collection [Music for Alzheimer’s/Dementia] because they knew of my mother’s battle with dementia and the issues involved. Since receiving the collection, I have purchased two of the collections for my friends who have loved ones that I felt could benefit from this amazing product. We have all been there at some time or another and this is a wonderful and thoughtful way of paying it forward and helping those we know and love and may even touch lives we will never know. What better way of helping not only those we love but ourselves as Caregivers or those who help in these efforts, have some respite from the toll Alzheimer’s or Dementia takes on so many. Thank you for such a wonderful product.”
—Gerry R., Facebook

“We gave my mother-in-law the Music for Alzheimer’s/Dementia CDs and the first time she listened to them she would sing along and tap her feet. She becomes relaxed and in turn so does my father-in-law, who along with another Caregiver, spends a lot of time with her. She has always loved music and these CDs are a wonderful way to get her engaged with her surroundings while calming her temperament.”
—Holly S., Baltimore, MD

“A positive step forward…”
—Grace G., Facebook

“Anything that can bring a little quality of life back to Alzheimer/Dementia Patients is a blessing… The Caregivers too.”
—Sue F., Facebook


“This is simply wonderful!!! As we look at your page, there is no doubt that Alzheimer’s Music Connect is making a huge difference in our Alzheimer community. We are truly thankful for individuals like you and others who bring relaxation to both the Person with Dementia and the Caregiver.”

–Alzheimer’s Association, Greater Michigan Chapter

“She relaxed more after hearing them a second or even third time and even seemed to look forward to hearing them [Music for Alzheimer’s/Dementia] play. She expressed recognition of some of the music by raising her arms up high and patting her feet.”
—Dyan A.

“The music, particularly the vocal standards [Music for Alzheimer’s/Dementia], seemed to make him happy. He liked the music but a few hours after it was over, he seemed to slip back into his old mood. I think it helped to get him in a better mood but if something else upset him, he would revert back. He asks the same question over and over, usually about something in this past or he can get angry over something small like he thought someone snubbed him. If he was already in this mood, the music did not help. Still, I found the music helpful enough at other times and will continue using it.”
—Pam B.

“Became more easily calm and less temperamental [Music for Alzheimer’s/Dementia].”

“She was more talkative, smiling and even moving to the beat [Music for Alzheimer’s/Dementia]. And also very relaxed…moving her hands, bobbing her head and even clapping.”
—Amanda T.

“She seemed a little less agitated and more alert. She would hum or move her hands and feet to the beat [Music for Alzheimer’s/Dementia]. A few times she actually sang a few words.”
—Barbra P.

“It kept him more alert, most times. Also, interestingly, he started taping his feet and nodding his head to the big bands [Music for Alzheimer’s/Dementia]; something I don’t think he has ever done. He is not musical at all.”
—Debbie B.

“She was engaged in the music [Music for Alzheimer’s/Dementia], moving to the sound and relaxed.”
—Ana P.



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