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Around this time of year, people ask me about what they could possibly give a person who is living with dementia that would still have value or meaning. Many friends and family members are also stymied as to what they might do for or offer the primary care provider or care partner that would help that person out.

My response, find something that still provides these three things:
1. The ability to create possible moments of JOY,
2. The opportunity to connect and have a relationship for at least a short while, and
3. A short, simple, positive way to fill some time and relieve some stress or distress

One of the very best gifts to offer is MUSIC!

Music creates bridges and opens doors between people. It can provide a healing balm and offers a gentle entry into emotional spaces that can allow us to share rather than struggle. What is special about music is that it can provide these benefits to both the person living with dementia AND their care provider.

Both parties can experience the value of this gift.

Alzheimer’s Music Connect has partnered with researchers to create enhanced musical experiences for the listener. Using these recordings can produce great results for all involved. In addition to the immediate impact of music, this technique can produce changes in brain activity that can last for up to three hours after the musical session.

Gifting these CDs & DVDs provides a win-win for all parties!

Find their music at

Happy Holidays!

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Photo by Kevin Curtis on Unsplash

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