Music’s effect on the brain has been studied for centuries because of its powerful influence over brain function. We are still discovering amazing things about the connection between music and our minds, and we now know that musical aptitude and appreciation are among the last cognitive abilities to atrophy in patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

For this reason, music means so much more for those of us with a loved one diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s. It has the ability to help us connect even after language skills are lost. Music therapy is a well-known and widely adopted practice for Alzheimer’s patient care, and now, technologically enhanced music from Alzheimer’s Music Connect brings even more comfort for patients and relief for caregivers.

Music Means Memories

We all have songs that seem to take us back in time. Whether it’s dancing at the prom or your wedding, music has the gift to make us sing along to memories and tap our feet to nostalgia. The right tune, carefully selected based on familiarity and era popularity, can turn disconnect into alertness, engagement and joy.

Unlock the Right Songs

No matter the progression of the disease, musical memories remain. With the right songs, we can bring patients back to happier times and the moments they remember best. Musical memories are formed between ages 10 and 20. The music producers at Alzheimer’s Music Connect have harvested a large portfolio of songs that mid-to-late-stage Alzheimer’s patients will find relatable and personally relevant based on this age window. These songs, coupled with advanced audio recording technology called Altus Oscillation, allow us to unlock musical memories and create a significantly more therapeutic effect than music alone.

Amplify Brain Activity

Remember when you first learned the alphabet? Or when you learned all the states in alphabetical order? There’s a reason schoolteachers use melodies to ignite memorization and spark learning. Music lights up the entire brain. From the nucleus accumbens, which releases pleasure chemicals, to the amygdala, which processes emotion and decision making, music feeds our brains. By technologically applying Alpha waves, already found in the brain but lacking in Alzheimer’s patients, to right music selection, Alzheimer’s Music Connect albums are proven to greater amplify brain activity.

Alzheimer’s Music Connect was conceived by a music producer-turned-caregiver, with caregivers and their loved ones in mind. We take tried and true music therapy practices one step further by producing technologically enhanced music designed to bring respite and joy to those affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

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