Taking care of a parent or loved one with Alzheimer’s can often be a full time “job” for Caregivers. The effects of forgoing respite and meaningful support add up, and the result can be crippling. As Caregivers, most of us have probably heard about burnout, but many are still unfamiliar with the concept of compassion fatigue. This goes well beyond simply being burned out, compassion fatigue is actually considered a secondary traumatic stress disorder. Unsurprisingly, family Caregivers are very susceptible to this hazard. Compassion fatigue causes Caregivers to experience a weakened sense of empathy for those in their care.

Know the Warning Signs of Compassion Fatigue
• Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and drained
• Avoidance and not wanting to be around your loved one
• A decrease in patience and tolerance
• Angry outbursts that are uncharacteristic of your behavior
• Cynicism, hopelessness, and heightened anxiety
• Impaired ability to make care decisions

If you begin noticing any of these signs, the next step is to make yourself a priority and tend to, at the very least, some of your needs.

At Alzheimer’s Music Connect, we like to think we offer time and hope to Caregivers in the form of recorded music. Utilizing a special process for enhancing carefully selected music, we’ve developed a non-pharmaceutical way of relaxing patients and providing valuable respite for their caregivers.
With healthcare expenditures through the roof, the benefits of our music can be immediate. And as we know, there is nothing better for the care recipient or their Caregiver than to be calm and stress free.

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